FACE PAINTING – A cool full face or half face painting of your choice, or maybe something a little smaller painted on your cheek, hand, arm, or leg. Great for both girls and boys.

BALLOON SCULPTING – Sculpting balloon animals and much more like monkeys on trees, silly hats, flowers, trains, fish, etc. We have a large variety of different balloon sculpting ideas just waiting for you.

MOTIVATOR – If your kids like to move around and have a good time, this is the activity for them. Includes high-energy music with a mix of fun dances and a few games to make your party GREAT. We bring candy for all the children and a small gift for the birthday child.

GLITTER TATTOOS – You can step it up a notch if your kids love glitter and try one of our many fun glitter tattoo designs. These designs can also get wet and stay on for a few days. Great for boys and girls.

SAND ART – Want to feel like you’re at the carnival? What a great addition to any party for all ages. 12 different color sands and a wide range of different shaped sand bottles.

NAME BEADS – Who doesn’t like jewelry? Good for guys and girls. You can make a necklace, bracelet, anklet, key chain, or book bag charm with a wide arrange of specialty beads and name beads to make your creations stand out and look amazing. Spell your name or your nickname; it doesn’t matter just as long as it fits you.

ARTS & CRAFTS – We are here to assist with interesting craft ideas based on the theme of your party. Kids love to get involved in the arts. Why not make this a part of your party? We bring all supplies needed.

FUN & GAMES – In the backyard, front yard, open field, basement or in a spacious room playing games and competing against your friends can be a lot of fun. We include music, silly relay races and activities, piñata filled w/candy and prizes.1 hour- (up to 15 kids, 15 goody bags); 1 hour- (up to 30 kids, 30 goody bags);

WORKSHOPS – Teaching kids of all ages how to sculpt simple balloons and or how to create simple face paintings.